Grade 6 - 8

Field Trip to the Moon / Lunar Nautics

Field Trip to the Moon

Take a virtual trip to the Moon. Feel the ground shake beneath you as you experience a thrilling NASA rocket launch. Guided by a live presenter, you will orbit the Earth and get an astronaut's view of a sunrise in space.

Field Trip to the Moon is a virtual journey created using NASA engineering models and scientific data. Like NASA's astronauts, you will come face-to-face with the challenges and excitement of traveling through space to land on the Moon. Along the way, you'll discover some of the differences between the Earth and the Moon and what makes our planet unique and habitable.

The front cover of the Lunar Nautics educator guide

Lunar Nautics

The Lunar Nautics Educator Guide has 40 activities. Students assume roles of workers at Lunar Nautics Space Systems, Inc., a fictional aerospace company specializing in mission management, lunar habitat and exploration design, and scientific research.

This guide features lessons that address the basics of Newton's Laws of Motion, rocket design, microgravity, and the moon. Students will design, test and analyze a model lunar lander, a robot, and a soda bottle rocket. Other activities include building edible models of spacecraft and a solar oven to cook hot dogs. Students can also build a microgravity sled as part of an underwater activity.

Educators can use this guide in a variety of settings or formats, such as week-long day camps, after-school programs, a classroom unit or as supporting curriculum.

The Student Employment Handbook supplements the Lunar Nautics Educator Guide. The handbook contains the student sheets that accompany the lessons and activities in the educator guide.

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