"There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars" at Northshire Bookstore

- April, 19 2004

Bob Crelin
Northshire Bookstore, Manchester Center, VT - On Sunday, April 25, at 2 PM, Northshire Bookstore welcomes astronomer and activist Bob Crelin with his children's book "There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars."

"There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars" beautifully illustrates the growing problem of light pollution, and what can be done to save the "vanishing" stars. Crelin's book was born from his frustration, 10 years ago, of trying to show his then-four-year-old daughter the glorious Milky Way on a clear night; man-made light pollution obscured the view from his Connecticut backyard.

With simple rhymes and colorful illustrations, "There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars" makes its case clearly with dark forebodings and light verse: "And the universe fades on away, If we turn all our nights into day, Some children won't care, To look up in the air, Those stars are just stories, They'll say." Each book purchase also includes a donation to the International Dark Sky Association.

A father, musician, inventor, and artist, Crelin co-founded the Wandering Star Project, Inc., a non-profit, astronomy-education organization for schools and public events. He has spent many years successfully working with lawmakers to reduce light pollution and preserve the night sky, and is the co-creator of the GlareBuster, a night sky-friendly light fixture distributed nationwide.

At Hildene on April 23, Crelin presents Light Pollution 101," speaking about steps adults can take to reduce light pollution in Vermont.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn how to save our view of the night sky, ask questions, and get your book signed. For more information on this and other events, call (802) 362-2200 or 1-800-437-3700, or visit the Northshire Bookstore website at www.northshire.com .

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